Tuesday, April 21, 2015

  Federal Programs Department



Jodi Bell, Director

Martha Hernandez, Office Manager, LaBelle hernandezm@hendry.k12.fl.us

Maria Delgado, Office Manager, Clewiston delgadom@hendry.k12.fl.us

Alina Garcia, Records Clerk, Clewiston garciaa@hendry.k12.fl.us

Nora Garcia, Advocate/Recruiter, LaBelle garcian@hendry.k12.fl.us

Lil Mendoza, Advocate/Recruiter, LaBelle mendozal@hendry.k12.fl.us

Odalys Burke, Advocate/Recruiter, Clewiston burkero@hendry.k12.fl.us

Margie Pruitt, Advocate/Recruiter, Clewiston Pruittm@hendry.k12.fl.us

Adriana Soto, Home/School Liaison, Clewiston sotoa@hendry.k12.fl.us
Amy Plaza, Middle School/High School Advocate /Recruiter
Erlinda Brown, Middle School Advocate/Recruiter browne@hendry.k12.fl.us
Gracie Garcia, PreK Advocate/Recruiter
Donna Hull, Technology Resource Teacher
Patty Sutton, ELL Resource Teacher
Romona Rentas, Clewiston Parent Lab


Jose Marquez, LaBelle Parent Lab





Clewiston Office
475 East Osceola
Clewiston, FL. 33440
(863) 983-1508
Fax (863) 983-1509

  LaBelle Office
P.O. Box 116
LaBelle, FL. 33975
(863) 674-4108
Fax (863) 674-4109

Services Offered


The Hendry County Federal Programs Office provides funding to area schools for the enhancement of the educational process.  Federal Programs offers services through Title I, Part A, Title I, Part C, Title II, Title III, and Title VI.  We offer assistance with school enrollment, orientation, medical requirements, completion of forms, translating, guidance and transportation.  Pre-K programs and after school tutorial programs are offered for students with the greatest need.  In addition, we provide adult classes and summer outreach programs.  We assist students in applying for the Migrant Summer Institutes, PASS programs, and HEP and CAMP programs offered at universities.  School improvement initiatives are funded through Federal ARRA funds, and through School Improvement Initiative funds.

Hours of Operation
7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.  Monday - Friday