LaBelle High School
4050 East Cowboy Way
LaBelle, FL 33935
phone: 863-674-4120
fax: 863-674-4571
Principal: Robert Egley, Ph.D
Assistant Principal:  David Kelley
Athletic Director: Chris Siner
Athletic Director/ Dean: Ryan Harris
Dean:  Lori Perkins


The Mission of LaBelle High School is to:
* PROVIDE a safe, caring and Healthy environment where all can learn.
* PROMOTE personal integrity and service to others.
* ENCOURAGE individual strengths, uniqueness and cultural diversity.
* SHARE responsibilities with students and parents.
* HELP all to realize their full potential.
La Misión de la Escuela Secundaria LaBelle es :

* Proveer un ambiente seguro , el cuidado y saludable donde todos puedan aprender
* Promover la integridad personal y servicio a los demás .
* Fomentar las fortalezas individuales singularidad y la diversidad cultural .
* C ompartir responsabilidades con los estudiantes y padres de familia .
* A yude a todos a conseguir su total potencial .

People of the Month

Students of the Month:

August:  Autum Kersey and Victor Palencios

September: Malorie Gomez and Uriel Ramirez

Octrober: Olivia Molina and Kyle holt

November: Maura Lofton and Michael Ibarra

December: Jessica Beltran and Danny Keller

January: Kasandra Melgoza and Michael Martinez

LaBelle High School Students of the Month for first semester:

Kasandra Melgoa, Jessica Beltran, Malorie Gomez, Maura Lofton, Autumn Kersey, Victor Palacios, Olivia Molina, Michael Martinez, Michael Ibarra, Kyle Holt, Uriel Ramirez


Staff Person of the Month:

August: Marilyn Teal

September: Evi Valentin

October: Jennifer Ruble

November: Sonia Ruiz

December: Charlene McCall

January: Wendy Ortiz


Teacher of the Month:

August: Robyn Blake

Septemebr: Claude Cadet

October: John Puletti

November: Ron Dunbar

December: Leighanne Lederer

January: Jef Frost


Huge Congratulations and



Diane Raulerson

2015 School Related Employee of the Year!

Charlene McCall

2015 ESE/Student Service Employee of the Year

2015 Golden Apple Teacher

Augusta Ross

Attention SENIORS

Been accepted to a college, the military or technical school??

Please contact Mrs. Marotti!


Time to get those College applications submitted!

FSW will be here on Tuesdays in February to accept applications for Florida Southwestern College!

Submit your FSW Application March 31- NO FEE!

Don't delay your post high school plans!

Congratulations to our School Wide Winners

for Literacy Week

Theme: Reading Exercise your Mind!

T shirt design: Amber Fussell

Department Winners:


1st place

Emily Schwarz


2nd Place

Elizabeth Marquez


3rd Place

Rumor Cantu



1st place

Esmeralda Rodriguez


2nd Place

Yesmin Erreguin


3rd Place

Yoanna Perez, Monique Loreto, Jacqueline Ortiz


For Lang

1st place

Hannah Andrews


2nd Place

Anamaria Mata


3rd Place

Adriana Saucedo



1st place

Jose Hernandez- Trejo


2nd Place

Zachary Scelfo


3rd Place

Denerice Vivas, Bianca Garcia,
Genesis Cabrero, Vanessa Valle



1st place

Patricia Barrios, Leslie Hernandez,
Shee Heur


2nd Place

Magali Salinas


3rd Place

Zachary Scelfo


Soc Studies

1st place

Melissa Dunham


2nd Place

Naesa Guagardo, Anamaria Mata


3rd Place

Destiny Smith, Erik Rogers



1st place

Mariby Hernandez, Victor Hernandez, Juliana Leon


2nd Place

Lizbeth Lopez, Jasmine Flores,
Thelma Santiago


3rd Place

Lorenci Cruz, Adriana Saucido, Araceli Zunega, Brandyn Marroquin



1st place

Maura Lofton


2nd Place

Ryley Bowen


3rd Place

Patricia Martinez

School Wide Winners:

First Place: Melissa Dunham- constitution Notebook

Second Place: Hannah Andrews- Little French Book

Third Place: Jose Hernandez- Trejo- "Swing Time"

Special Recognition:Sheena  Heuer  "Youi Get on My nerves"

Principals favorite:Mariby Hernandez, Victor Hernandez, Juliana Leon- Animoto "Brusing"

Crowd Pleaser:Hannah Andrews- Little French Book


Saturday, May 30, 2015 at 8:00 am in the morning

LaBelle High School Stadium


Thursday, May 28, 2015  at 7:00 pm in the evenning

LaBelle High School Auditorium